Sunday, June 30, 2013

catching up

Well, for those wondering...a lot has happened since last we met.
An angelic friend who "knows a guy" got me my very first official photo pass to shoot Soundgarden waaaay back in February.  Well , after that show another angelic friend got me in contact with the awesome Greg Roth and crew at Seattle Music Insider.  Since then, I've been shooting more live bands then sometimes seems possible.  Angels are out there helping me like crazy.  And I'm honored and still starstruck by the other rocktographers I have the privilege to work side by side with.  Then there's the music.  And the respect I have for how hard musicians work is insurmountable.  This is fun.  But those who want to do this should also know that yes, I have been kicked, hit, pushed yelled at and given more dirty looks than you can imagine.  But wouldn't trade a second of it for anything.